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47 thoughts on “Contact Me

      1. Really like the conversation videos in Italian with English subtitles. Can you give some on places to study music and Italian language in Roma. I am a music teacher and studying Italian with Lucrezia. Thankyou, Marco Antonio Polimeno Houston,Texas USA

  1. I´m really grateful with you because your lessons have helped me a lot and I do really want to learn Italian. It would be nice if some other people could imitate you and we could learn many languags.
    When I have a better knowledge of this language I´ll send you some shorts writings. Gracias Lucrezia

  2. Thanks, Lucrezia for your blog and youtube channel. I think it will be a wonderful asset to learning Italian. I recently viewed your video where you went shopping with your sister and I am wondering if you or she could recommend sites/tv programs interesting for teens. My daughter is eleven and would like to learn Italian as well but I’m unsure what might be good content for a younger audience. Grazie!!

    1. Lesha, you can find online/on streaming two Italian tv-shows which are aired by Disney Channel Italia, they are very funny 😀 “Fiore e Tinelli” and “Quelli dell’Intervallo”. Let me know if you find them and what you think 🙂

  3. Thank you Lucrezia for your blog and videos, you are doing a hell of a job for people who want to learn Italian fun way – I’m hooked. It’d be interesting to hear from you how one can learn a new language (from your personal experience, if there is a system). Oh yeah, and how did you guys come up with those little tricky “ci” and “si” everywhere 😀

  4. Hi Lucrezia, sono molto felice di guardar tus videos. I would like to see something about movies per esempio We can see a short movie e espegiare in italiano.
    scusi per mi italiano Io sono di Panamá e parlo Spagnolo.

  5. Ciao Lucrezia,
    I just love your videos!!! They are very divertente and interesting!!! I am trying to learn Italian by myself and your videos help me a lot!! Keep up the good work! You are refreshing to see and molto simpatica!
    Grazie. I will be a follower!!!

  6. Ciao Lucrezia,
    Da due giorni frequento i suoi lezioni. Mi piace molto e voglio consigliare ai miei amici che studiano la lingua italiana con me. Noi lavoriamo in una fabbrica Italiana in Turchia e studiamo per l’esame CELI 1. (Forse CELI 2 dopo un anno) Credo che possiamo superare l’esame facilmente con aiuto di persone come te. Grazie mille.

  7. ciao Lucrezia, sono da Vietnam, mi piace molto le sue lessioni, ho studiato lingua italia quasi un anno, ma tanti difficulti a palare e ascoltare lingua italia, puoi aiutarmi, come devo fare per migliorare lingua italia?

  8. Ciao Lucrezia! I love your videos, especially your vlogs in Italian. I’m an American student and I’ve never been to Italy so I’m very excited to be studying in Trastevere in Rome this summer! Your videos are so much help to me and make me even more excited! 🙂

  9. Ciao Lucrezia,
    My wife and I are trying to learn Italian and find your videos excellent resources. We also do love your clear pronunciation and intonation. Where’s your accent from? Is that the standard ‘formal’ Italian, from Roma?
    [or a Firenze?]
    I often listen to Italian radio stations and have them playing in the background, just to listen to the speech.
    Do you have one or more favourite radio stations that broadcast in that formal, standard Italian?
    Thank you and keep up the good work.
    Artax [from England]

    1. Ciao Artax,

      thank you very much!
      I’m from Rome, hence my accent is also Roman, even though it is not as strong as you would imagine!
      Radio stations that broadcast in standard Italian would be news stations, such as Radio24 🙂

  10. I really want to learn Italian. I love the language, the people and the culture. I’ve studied the language for about 8 months. I know lots of words, just don’t know how to put together sentences. Unfortunately I live in a community that doesn’t have many Italian speakers.(especially from the Northern part of Italy. Do you have any suggestions or video’s that would help me practice putting together sentences?
    I love your video’s, they make sense and I feel like I’m learning faster. Very proud of you for following your passion and keeping the Italian language alive!!
    Hanno un ottimo resto della settiman.
    Grazie Mille,

  11. Sei una professoressa magnifica. Tutti i tuoi video sono meravigliosi. Ho imparato molto da te. Mi piace cuando fai i video tutto in italiano. Sono americano, ma i miei radici sono tutti calabrese (Cosenza e un piccolo villagio chiamato Mangone). Se viene qualche giorno a San Diego, CA, mia ed io ti portiamo a mangiare se vuoi.

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