Answering most googled questions about Italy

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When we plan our trips, we always wonder if the country we are visiting is dangerous or not. And, apparently, that is no different with Italy. People have asked Googled whether Italy is a dangerous or a safe country. My answer would be Italy is way more safe than it is dangerous. It is pretty obvious that it becomes a dangerous country the moment you get yourself in difficult situations. I think this is true for the vast majority of countries. In all honesty, it leads to another question: what do you mean by “dangerous”?

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Does Italy have a fashion week? Yes, Italy does have three renowned fashion weeks: Milan, Florence and Rome.

Does Italy have nuclear weapons? Italy doesn’t have its own nuclear arsenal. However, as member of NATO, it joins the nuclear sharing programme: it means that the United States have nuclear weapons in Italy.

Does Italy have a daylight saving time? It does and it’s called “ora legale” in Italian. It starts from the last Sunday in March and ends on the last Sunday of October. The aim is to maximise daylight during the summer period.

Does Italy celebrate Halloween? Yes and no. Let me explain. Halloween is not part of our culture/tradition, however, because this celebration is heavily publicised in American films and tv-series, teens and children in Italy want to celebrate it dressing up as monsters and going to parties.

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