5 great spots for burgers in Rome

I know that sometimes it can be tiring to eat the same food everyday, especially when you are on holiday. Italy is well known for great quality food and there are a million options you can choose from; however, sometimes you just want to eat something that will make you feel guilty afterwards, right?

When I go out to eat I very rarely eat pasta, for example, because I always make it at home. It’s different for pizza though! I often find myself at restaurants that offer different food than the one I’m used to. I love sushi and I also love a good burger once in a while. And it’s just not me, Italians don’t just eat Italian food! Since I love food in every shape and form, especially when it is really good, I’ve started to make my own list of places that I like. I get really pissed off when food at a restaurant is of cheap quality, especially because when this is the case, I always end up spending a fortune for nothing.

Going back to burgers, I remember falling in love with burgers in NY, LA and SF, and when I came back to Rome, I made it my quest to find the perfect burger, or at least a very good one. Making burgers is not really our thing – speaking as an Italian -, but the places I’m about to share with you are really impressive. So, without further ado, let’s get into it. The places are mentioned in no particular order.


  1. Tommi’s Burger Joint – I am pretty sure this is the only place in Rome where you can get sweet potato fries to go with your juicy burger.
  2. The Meat Market – For all you meat lovers out there, you can chose the meat directly from the butcher’s shop inside the restaurant.
  3. H.A.M Holy – Very tech restaurant, you can order from an iPad and compose your gourmet burger as you like.
  4. Burbee – Artisanal burgers in a neighbourhood of Rome you have probably never been to (so, two birds with one stone).
  5. Hard Rock Café – This is very self-explanatory.


I would like to specify that nobody has paid me to write this post. I have written about places I go to pretty regularly and that I genuinely like! If you have other tips to share with me and fellow readers, please do in the comments below. Also, let me know what you think if you hit one of these spots!

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10 thoughts on “5 great spots for burgers in Rome

    1. I constantly post about Italian language and culture, here and on my channel. Once in a while I like to write about things I like in Rome. That’s all. If you don’t like it, you are not forced to read it.

  1. Obviously I agree that Tommi’s is the best lol. I have never tried(or heard of) any of the other places you mentioned except Hard Rock Cafe of course. There is also The Perfect Bun and Open Baladin that are super cool inside, but they also offer other foods not just burgers.

  2. Cool! My favorite burger joint in the United States is Mountain Sun Brewery in Boulder, Colorado.
    I will need to find a burger when I go to Italy 🙂

  3. If you are ever in the San Lorenzo neighborhood there is a cool place on Via Reti called “Hamburgeseria”. They have a few types of burgers, fries are called sticks and need to be ordered; fried potato chips come with the order. (I think they may have sweet potato fries.) I eat there at least once every trip. Mangia bene!

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