2 films you will like – 2 film che vi piaceranno

Today’s post is all about films, is that okay?! I suppose it is since watching films and tv-series are always the fun part of learning a language! At least it was for me when I was at school. Days when the teacher entered the classroom announcing that we would see a film were happy days!

Apart from that, watching a film is always a good idea to relax and spend some time doing something which might not seem educational at first, but it actually is. Even if you don’t see it that way, your mind catches linguistic information more easily when you are in a good mood or relax. In other words, you learn better while doing something fun!

Here’s why I decided to write this post. So seat back, relax and enjoy!



Soap Opera*

I saw this film when I was on the plane heading to the USA. I wanted to see something light and cheerful and since I saw Fabio DeLuigi was in it (he’s a funny actor/comedian), I thought this was perfect. But instead this movie is really sentimental and a tad melancholic, the atmosphere of the film is surreal and some characters out of this world. It’s definitely a film for all romantics out there! I liked it!

Ho visto questo film quando ero in volo per gli Stati Uniti. Volevo vedere qualcosa di leggero e visto che Fabio DeLuigi (un attore/comico molto simpatico) era uno dei protagonisti, pensavo fosse perfetto. Ma invece questo film è davvero sentimentale e melanconico, l’atmosfera e i personaggi sono surreali. Assolutamente un film per i romantici: mi è piaciuto!



Perfetti Sconosciuti*

This film is about a group of friends who think they know each other, but in fact they don’t. So, they decide to check the others’ mobile phones to prove that nobody hides anything, but this is such a bad idea! There is an implied criticism for how we use smartphones today and what they have transformed into for us, that is a replacement of our mind or a part of us. In their mobile phones, the characters kept their secret life.

Questo film parla di un gruppo di amici che pensa di sapere tutto su tutti, ma in realtà non è così. Decidono quindi di controllare i cellulari degli altri per provare che nessuno nasconde nulla, ma è una pessima idea! C’è una critica implicita all’uso che facciamo oggi dei cellulari e per cosa sono diventati: un rimpiazzo della nostra mente e una parte di noi. I personaggi custodivano la loro vita segreta nei proprio cellulari.

Have you ever watched one of the two movies above? Or maybe both? If you have, I would love to know your thoughts about them.

Any other Italian film you really like and would like to recommend? You are very welcome to do so in the comment sections below.

Find out more film suggestions here.

*Affiliate link, it means that I might earn a commission if you decide to buy the item.



3 risposte a "2 films you will like – 2 film che vi piaceranno"

  1. Entrambi!
    Ho capito tutto guardando soap opera però perfetti sconosciuti era un po difficile per me di capire.
    I watched both without subtitles. I was so proud of myself 😊

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