This Post Will Make You Hungry

If you clicked the “read more” tab, you are aware of the risks of reading this post: it will make you hungry for pizza. While I was editing the vlog, I got so hungry you can’t even imagine, I’m not joking! Looking back at footage of juicy pizza when you’re comfortably sitting on the sofa is the worst, especially when you can’t get hold of it, right?!


OK, enough with the rambling. I want to tell you what I did last weekend.

I saw the advert for the pizza festival a while back, the month of April hadn’t even started yet. But I decided I wanted to go and I saved the event on Facebook. Then, I completely forgot about it!

Luckily Instagram Stories exist, so I got reminded of the event and decided to go the same day. It was actually on a Sunday, the last day of the festival.

Well, it was amazing! I really love pizza, as many of you I suppose, so I was really happy to go to a place called “La Casa della Pizza” and see all of the pizza chefs at work. They came from all over Italy, mainly from Campania (where Naples is), to show their pizza craftsmanship. There were a few that made crazy tricks with the pizza dough and it would not break in their hands!!! Unbelievable. You can see all of that in my vlog.

My boyfriend and I ended up getting two round pizzas, one “margherita” and one called “gradisca” (picture below). I’m still wondering if the name has anything to do with the verb “gradire”, which means “to enjoy”; if that were the case, it would be third person singular, present tense, subjunctive mood. Look at me, always thinking about that grammar (lol)!


Plain base with mozzarella, ham, potatoes and a tad truffle oil. Just delicious. The “margherita” I liked less because it was too thick for my taste, and also garnished with too much tomato sauce. I ate it anyways. Prices were the same as in pizzeria, 10 euros for the “gradisca”, 6 euros for the “margherita”. So not too bad.

What is your favourite pizza? Do you ever make it at home?


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