Buona Vigilia di Natale!

Ciao a tutti!

Voglio cogliere l’occasione per augurarvi una felice Vigilia di Natale!


Come festeggiate? Trascorrete la serata con la vostra famiglia oppure con i vostri amici?

Fatemi sapere nei commenti!

Io trascorro la Vigilia con la mia famiglia, i miei genitori e i miei nonni.

A presto!


One thought on “Buona Vigilia di Natale!

  1. Both of our children (Kyra 24, Kory 20) will be coming home Xmas eve and spending a few days on the farm with us – my wife and I. We would love to see video of your family and it’s traditions. We would especially love to hear your nonni speak about their lives and how it was for them growing up and how things have changed, what they miss about how Italy used to be, and what they are glad has changed. This would be a very interesting cultural lesson for all of us out here. Thank you for a wonderful year of learning.

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