My typical breakfast at home

Dear readers,

I hope my post finds you all great!!

In today’s post I would like to share with you my typical breakfast I have at home, which I have been enjoying lately.

Nel post di oggi vorrei condividere con voi la mia colazione tipica, che faccio a casa da qualche giorno.


As you can see from the picture above, I am very Italian when it comes to breakfast and I really need a good coffee to get me going in the morning! I make my coffee with a moka pot, and then add some warm milk and brown sugar as well. You can see my full coffee routine here.

Come potete vedere dalla foto in alto, sono molto italiana quando si tratta di colazione e ho veramente bisogno di un buon caffè per iniziare la mattina! Faccio il caffè con una caffettiera, aggiungo anche del latte tiepido e dello zucchero di canna. Potete guardare la mia routine del caffè completa qui.


I usually eat a couple of rusks with some peaches jam. Now, I chose the word “rusk” to translate its Italian equivalent, but it can be translated in many ways, that is why I have also included pictures in this post, so you can understand what I am talking about! Whatever you want to call them in English is fine with me!

Di solito mangio un paio di fette biscottate con la marmellata di pesche. Ora, la parola “fetta biscottata” è traducibile in molti modi, ecco perché ho incluso le foto in questo post, per farvi capire meglio di cosa parlo! Comunque le vogliate chiamare in inglese, a me va bene!



I am experimenting with my blog posts lately, so I hope you enjoy the style! Let me know all your thoughts and opinions 🙂

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8 thoughts on “My typical breakfast at home

  1. Ciao dalla Virginia, USA. La fetta biscottata è già cotto al forno la seconda volta? Oppure cuoci te stessa? In America, tostiamo il pane a casa.

  2. Love your blogs but also love that you wrote it in both languages, it makes learning a little easier ! Your video blogs are really really good, you speak and pronounce so clearly, though I STILL constantly need to stop the video and look up words & sentences ( english subtitles would be great ?)

  3. Hi Lucrezia
    In Australia we buy fresh bread, put it in a machine called a toaster to cook it. It takes a couple of minutes and we call in toast! Very original! It is a very popular breakfast here with butter and jam or vegemite. But please only a very thin smear of vegemite and lots of butter. Non Australians make the mistake of spreading vegemite very thickly like jam. It’s horrible like that!
    Thank you for your videos and blogs. I really enjoy them, especially cooking with your nonna.
    My parents came from Le Marche too, a very beautiful area.

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