Inspiration, come to me!

Cari lettori e care lettrici,

bentornati nel mio blog!

Non scrivo un post da più di 10 giorni e mi devo scusare con voi che contate di leggere un nuovo post ogni due giorni. Ultimamente non trovo ispirazione e non so mai cosa pubblicare qui sul blog, le cose che mi vengono in mente mi sembrano spesso senza senso (=meaningless) e inutili per voi.

Abbiate pazienza (= bear with me), spero di ritrovare l’ispirazione che avevo prima!

Intanto (= in the meantime) voi non esitate (= do not hesitate) a mandarmi i vostri suggerimenti e le vostre idee, fatemi sapere cosa vi piacerebbe vedere sul blog, se più foto o più testo.

Un abbraccio a tutti,



16 thoughts on “Inspiration, come to me!

  1. Ciao
    Basta un piccolo paragrafo non troppo lungo scrivendo della stagione o quello che hai fatto tu in questi giorni, i giardini, i negozii, il traffico, ecc. Sono della nuova zelanda e qui siamo in autunno ma c’e’ ancora tanto sole e una temperatura durante il giorno di 20 – 22⁰.

  2. you’ve got your fan base shoulder for sure by now.
    still waiting for your lessons more than new episodes of “a game of thrones” 😀

    a proposito, come si traduce “a game of thrones”?

  3. Un abbraccio a te. You are doing a magnificent job. You need not push yourself to conform to a rigid schedule. If is fine and healthy to allow longer pauses between postings, to allow your subconscious mind to feel more deeply into your dreams and passions, so that inspiration can find its way back to the surface. You are extremely prolific and generous with your offerings, and it is okay for you to set the pace – a pace that works for you – rather than trying to adhere to some (internally- or externally-driven) pressure to “perform.” You are a good, strong, intelligent, focused, and determined young woman! You have a great future ahead of you. Pacing yourself for the long journey will be a good strategy. Rest is a rational need. Un abbraccio a te.

  4. I think you found your inspiration with this post, and taught us all new words! I love how you share with us just everyday things about your life (grocery shopping, how you make coffee, etc) For as long as you are still having fun, keep up the hard work!

  5. I think you are wonderful and talented! I agree with Stacey, the everyday things you share with us are so interesting and the “real” Italy.
    If you are looking for ideas, I struggle with sentences! I am good with the meaning of words but try and string a coherent sentence together and it’s a mess. Any ideas would be great.
    Keep up the fantastic work!

  6. I agree with all! You are awesome! Get some rest! You live in a great place for it! I have lived in Italy 3 different times in my life, and of all the places I have traveled, Italy by far is the most wonderful place! I so much want to get back there someday. How about one day covering “Ci”. A deep lesson on it’s use. Examples: ci vediamo, E che ci fai ancora qui? I see “Ci” in different places in sentences, and I would enjoy learning why!

  7. thank you so much for your very enthusiastic blogs and lessons. it is very stimulating. take your time and don’t push. thanks to your blogs i am know reading Il Delfino (by Sergio Bambaren)(together with a Dutch copy) and enjoy doing this. Enjoy, keep up the good work and take care

  8. It’s kinda funny, but I find myself re-reading this posting. There are several phrases within this posting that I have found useful more than once. This “lack of inspiration” that you refer to is something that we all experience from time to time. Part of what makes your blog and videos so powerful for learning, is that you are courageous and skilled at sharing the everyday sentiments and struggles that we all face. This is real life. How do we talk about it in Italian? Thank you.

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