More vlogs?

Hello everyone and welcome back to blog!
Ciao a tutti e bentornati nel mio blog!

I have a question for you today: do you think my vlogs are useful to learn Italian and get an insight on everyday conversation/language? If so, would you want me to film and upload more vlogs on my channel?
Ho una domanda per voi oggi: pensate che i miei vlog siano utili per imparare l’italiano e avere un’idea della conversazione/lingua quotidiana? Se sì, vorreste che filmassi e caricassi più vlog sul mio canale?

I hope to read comments from many of you!
Spero di leggere tanti commenti da parte vostra!

Talk to you soon!
A presto!

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21 thoughts on “More vlogs?

  1. I learn italian myself by just listening to your videos and by reading your blogs, and really I undesrtand how to talk italian now . Thank you very much Lucrezia, You are the best.!

  2. I learn italian myself by just listening to your videos and by reading your blogs, and really I undesrtand how to talk italian now . Thank you very much Lucrezia, You are the best.!

  3. Si – piu vlog! Here’s an idea – what if you made a vlog talking normally, with other people, then explain parts that were difficult? For example, when you say “quindi”, it sounds more like “windy”, while many of us practice saying “kkweenddee”, which makes us sound like foreigners! Also, it’s difficult for me to understand your boyfriend, but we should learn. You guys say “iamo” and many of us practice saying “ahhnddeeeaahhmmohw”! Maybe some dialect? Like “mo” = adesso?
    Brava Lucrezia!

  4. I don’t get to watch them as often as I would like, but I do enjoy your vlogs. I especially love the little peek at daily Italian culture. Little things like going to the store, or making homemade pasta. I love having the chance to spend a few minutes in Italy, even though I’m just sitting at my computer in America. 🙂 Keep up the good work, Lucrezia!

  5. I don’t miss any of your video lessons.It will be very good if you’ll make more of them,I will watch them all . Very important and useful are:grammar,vocab,small talk inhouse and in the street . Grazie !

  6. Yes, please, your lessons are very much useful to learn the Language Itali….Please continue..

    Thank you very much and wish you good luck

  7. Hi Lucrezia!
    I really like your videos, and your vlogs are also a very good opportunity for me to hear Italian language in everyday communication. You make them interesting, so I would be glad if you will upload new vlogs, especially maybe some of them about your favorite places in Rome 🙂 Thank you for all of the work you do, I really appreciate it. Greetings from Slovakia 🙂

  8. Ma certo! Ci piacciono molto i tuoi video. Ci sono molti utili e divertenti. Per piacere, we would be interested in more vlogs about your Nonna’s garden, about cooking, about nature and the countryside, gardening, talking about the weather, news in Italy, and the daily lives of people like yourself and your friends. Grazie tanti!

  9. I really like the vlogs because they help with listening to everyday conversation. For myself lately, I feel that my listening comprehension improves from hearing to day-to-day conversational things. It’s a nice real-world listening exercise and a break from grammar-heavy exercises : )

  10. Please continue to make vlog posts! I’ve not had the time to fully dedicate to Italian YET (I’m busy with Spanish and German), but I do watch your vlogs and find it very helpful, even if I’m not actively studying Italian. When I do get around to giving Italian some serious attention, I want there to be plenty of your videos to watch! Vocab, grammar, culture, personal, etc. You’re good at it…keep it up!

  11. Buonasera,
    Ogni giorno vedo un film di voi. Mi piace abbastanza, è differtente, imparo sempre qualcosa.
    Tanti Saluti,

  12. Please continue making blogs all in Italian if possible, i watch your videos every day at work on my break and i love them, i’m learning a lot, you are the best teacher i have come across on the web…. keep it up.

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