Si avvicina il 2015!

Ciao a tutti e bentornati nel mio blog!

Come state?

Si avvicina il 2015 ed è ora di fare un resoconto di ciò che avete imparato nel 2014! Mi piacerebbe ricevere i vostri commenti e sapere cosa pensate, quanto i miei video vi abbiano aiutato ad imparare l’italiano.

Mentre pensate, vi invito a guardare l’ultima video lezione di quest’anno:

Vi auguro un felicissimo anno nuovo!


Hi everyone and welcome back to my blog!

How are you?

2015 is approaching and it is time to give an account of what you have learned in 2014! I would like to receive your comments and know what you think, how my videos have helped you learn Italian.

While you think, watch the last video lesson of this year (link above).

I wish you a very happy new year!


11 thoughts on “Si avvicina il 2015!

  1. Lucrezia, I tuoi video’s sono meraviglioso! MI aiutano tenere il mio italiano fresca. Vado in Italia due o tre volte per anno e difficile maintenere la lingua mentre sono negli Stati Uniti. Mille Grazie!

  2. I learn a lot from you….your lessons help me a lot to improve my knowledge in Italian language…
    I’m very much grateful to you for that
    I wish you all the best returns for the new year 2015

    Thank you very much


  3. We (my wife and I) like your videos and learn a lot from them. This type (with a mix of spoken Italian and English, and writing out the main points in Italian on screen) is especially helpful. Thank you. We look forward to following your teachings in 2015.

  4. You can’t imagine how I’ve learned. You can be sure you’re doing a great job. You should come to El Salvador.There are some italians here. We’d be glad to have here in our small country.

  5. We (my wife and I) have learned a lot from your videos. We would enjoy learning some of the phrases and terms that relate to conversations that people have about: how things are going with society these days, how things are going with the environment these days, how things are going with the economy these days, the price of fuel, the price of food, etc. “News” items that people might actually be discussing once they move beyond the level of greetings and holidays, etc. Things that matter to people in their everyday lives.

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