How to use the verb “piacere” in Italian

Welcome to another Italian lesson with me 🙂

I have received many emails and questions about the verb “piacere”, on how to use it in a sentence and so on. It is quite tricky because the sentence in which you find the verb doesn’t follow the normal order S + V + O, but rather Ind.Obj + V + S.

In the video lesson that follows, I explain how to use “piacere” and also tell you what verbs do just the same in a sentence.

I would like to know whether you like the style of the lesson or not (the fact that I speak both English and Italian, alternating).

A presto!


8 thoughts on “How to use the verb “piacere” in Italian

  1. Loved the lesson. It was very clear. I would also like examples of the other similar verbs (man care etc in a sentence, I”m not as familiar with the usage of these verbs. Thanks Lucrezia!

  2. I’d prefer that you only speak in Italian. When you switch to English and then back to Italian, it takes me a few seconds to catch up with your words.

    I’m at intermediate level. Thus, my concentration is aimed at the Italian words; the English words just get in the way of concentrating 100% on the Italian portion of the lesson. Love your work.


  3. The alternating style isn’t bad (mica male :). My favorite format is still 100% Italian with Italian subtitles.

  4. You should definitely continue doing italian/English dialog in your videos(: Equally helpful is when you put English subtitles into a only italian speaking video. Without any English translation at all (verbal or subtitles), I tend to get a little lost with what your talking about.

  5. Ciao Lucrezia. Mi piace quando cambi dall’italiano all’inglese. È molto benefico per comprensione. A volte, non seguo la conversazione, e devo fermare il video fare riferimento a una parola. Grazie per i video e il tuo lavoro duro! 🙂

  6. Mi place questo video. Mi place anche l’inglese con l’italiano.
    Mi piaccerebbe (corretto?)piu se le frase siano piu longhi (OK not sure that was right at all)
    Non vedo l’ora di verere la prossima video.

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