Learn Italian: “mica” & “mi raccomando!”

Hello friends,

I hope you are all doing well today and ready to start the week!

Today I am sharing with you my new lesson since it is Monday. It is about two Italian expressions which are very used in everyday Italian conversation and can be quite tricky to understand. Also, I have received a few emails from you asking if I could explain what they mean, so here I am today fulfilling your request!

One thing I forgot to mention in my video lesson is that the formal form of “mica” is “non”, so “mica male” becomes “non male” and so on.

Enjoy, learn and don’t forget to leave a comment!




10 thoughts on “Learn Italian: “mica” & “mi raccomando!”

  1. Grazie Lucrezia. Questo è molto utile. Puoi anche fare più dei video in cui parli solo Italiano raccontando la tua vita quotidiana come hai fatto prima? Quei video sono assolutamente utile. Li ho registrati sul mio iPod e li ascolto numerose volte facendo i lavori di casa o guidando la macchina.

  2. Lucrezia, perche si usa la grammatica ‘ ti scordare di comportati…’ invece di ‘ti scordi di comportati..’?

    1. Oh, yes! Now I get it: I think you left out “non” in the first example: “non ti scordare di comportarti”, negative form with “non” and therefore the following verb is in the infinitive form 🙂

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