This Thanksgiving, say “thank you” in Italian!

Ciao a tutti!!!

Buon inizio di settimana 🙂

Come state??

Questo giovedì si festeggia il giorno del ringraziamento negli Stati Uniti e ho pensato di fare un video su come dire grazie e ringraziare qualcuno 🙂 non vi ho mai insegnato a dire grazie, quindi ho colto l’occasione!

This Thursday, Thanksgiving is celebrated in the US and I thought I would do a video in which I teach you how to say thank you and how to thank someone in Italian 🙂 I haven’t taught you that before, so I grasped the moment!

The main words I teach you in this video are:



sono grato / grata per / di

Check out the video for pronunciation and more details on when to use the expressions above.

A domani,



6 thoughts on “This Thanksgiving, say “thank you” in Italian!

    1. I am actually quite against sterotypical hand gestures. By watching the video you posted, a foreigner understands that Italians are nothing but vulgar people who cannot speak properly without the use of their hands and that’s not quite right.

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