Useful Italian phrases for conversation #1

Hello beautiful people!

Today I am sharing with a video where I teach you some useful Italian phrases for everyday conversation.

The phrases are:

Che ore sono?

Che/Cosa stai facendo?

Che/Cosa fai oggi? Cosa fai domani? Cosa fai stasera?

Mi piacciono le tue scarpe, dove le hai comprate?

Sabato vado ad una festa, vieni con me?

So in this video I mainly discuss the use of the present simple to express a future action (it is very important and has entered the everyday language, so you might want to check that out) and the use of andare vs venire and their differences in English and Italian.

I really hope that you will find this video very useful because it is very conversation related πŸ™‚

Here it is:

A domani,

Lucrezia ❀


13 thoughts on “Useful Italian phrases for conversation #1

  1. Questo video ‘e molto utile, grazie. In English we would say “Will you come with me” or “Will you go with me,” either way.

  2. Ciao Lucrezia! In America, generalmente se io volessi chiedere a qualcuno “vieni con me?” dico.. “wanna come (go) with me?” I’m going to a party/to the movies on Saturday, wanna come (go) with me? / do you want to come (go) with me? È piuttosto colloquiale ma suona piΓΉ naturale.

    Grazie come sempre! ❀ You're awesome πŸ™‚

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