November’s Interview with Margie Miklas (margieinitaly)

Ciao a tutti e bentornati nel mio blog!
Today I am sharing with you the interview I have made to the lovely Margie Miklas. Keep on reading to find out more about her and what she wrote about Italy!
Who is Margie Miklas?
I am an American who fell in love with Italy the first time I visited, and felt at home when I was there. I write a blog, margieinitaly, and you can follow my travels through Italy. I published my first book this past year, Memoirs of a Solo Traveler – My Love Affair with Italy, and am working on a second book, My Love Affair with Sicily.  
  • Have you ever been in Italy? If so, where? 

Yes, all over. I have been to Italy fives times, and the only regions I have not visited are Marche, Sardinia, and Piemonte.

  • Can you tell a funny/memorable moment of your life regarding Italy/Italian language?

Yes, the first time I was in Sorrento, I didn’t know much Italian, but was trying to speak it as best I could. When I asked a police officer for directions in Italian, he said, “Do you speak English?” and the proceeded to give me the directions in perfect English.

  •  What is your favourite Italian word and why?

I like the word “Prego” because it is simple and can mean a number of things. Very useful every day.

  • What is your favourite Italian food and why? 

My friends think it is pasta pomodoro, and maybe it is, but I really like authentic margherita pizza in Italy and now that I have discovered cacio e` pepe in Roma, I think that may be my favorite food. The sauce, though, of pasta pomodoro is always so good, never disappoints, and reminds me of my Italian grandmother.

Thank you, Margie, for answering my questions!
If you want to find out more about Margie’s books and travels to Italy, please have a look at her blog margieinitaly
I hope you enjoyed reading this interview today and stay tuned for next month’s guest interview 🙂
A domani,

5 thoughts on “November’s Interview with Margie Miklas (margieinitaly)

  1. Good Margie. I was there in August visiting friends. It was my first time in Italy and it was absolutely divine, I know you won’t be disappointed. I stayed in a lovely little B&B, Il Campo dei Papaveri, in Mornese, a beautiful small town that is infused with beauty and spirit and surrounded by pine hills and vineyards. I look forward to reading about your travels in Italy. Grazie!

  2. Let me tell you about Italy, I have found Italy the best place in Europe as far as I have just traveled to Europe in October 2013 I have Visited Hamburg Munchkin Germany, Amsterdam, Holland, Paris in France, Venice, Bologna, Vecinza, Arzigniano, chiampo, Rome and Pizza in Italy I have found Italy the best place, Italian people has hospitality the Italians are nice and kind.

    I started my trip by train from Rome and went Hamburg, Amsterdam and finally Paris my last destination was Venice Italy after I visited Paris I decide to take train from Paris to Venice but there was not train so I booked flight from Paris to Venice.

    As I read about B&B Margie it remind me some thing nice.

    When I arrived to Venice I stayed there for 2 nights from there searched on internet about hotel in Vicenza because I had to visit some body in Chiampo so I have found B&B hotel so I booked the hotel room.
    The day I arrived the B&B I was expecting a good hotel but it was even better. when I found there is a room in an apartment flat there is room with breakfast. the place as quite an when I was getting in back from out site the tea was ready and me and there land lord we were setting together talking and having tea and coffee we were like a family.

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