Why learning Italian?

Today I wanted to write something on why I think you should learn Italian as a foreign language. I don’t want to force anyone to learn Italian, I am not saying that you have to either! Just giving you some highlights and tips on how to do it best and some reasons to motivate those of you who have decided to learn Italian before reading this post!

Of course, if I won someone over with this post, that would be great 🙂

Many people around the world have Italian origins, maybe their grandparents were/are Italian so it would be a great way to reconnect with their own roots and learn more about Italian culture.

It can be useful for more practical reasons, for example you need to travel out to Italy and you need to understand Italian and also be able to communicate when you are there. It could be anything from a business travel to a holiday trip!

A very few people in the world know how to speak Italian comparing to the thousands and thousands of people speaking English, Spanish or Chinese. So, it is something that a very few people can do and that’s what makes it special!

Maybe you want to learn Italian simply because you like it! Therefore you should do things that make you happy!

Learning foreign languages in general helps you to get to know a different culture than yours, to understand better what is different form you and respect it. It also helps your brain to stay young because it stimulate the cognitive system.

Whatever might be your reasons to learn Italian, just go for it!

Tell me your story.



10 risposte a "Why learning Italian?"

  1. I’m so glad I found you on YouTube and now your blog! My husband and I want to learn Italian as we have been to Rome, Venice and Milan twice and want to be able to communicate better. Plus it’s a dream to one day live there! I am in love with Italy!

  2. Hello there. I enjoy reading your blog and working on my Italian. I married an Italian guy and found it necessary to learn the language so I could understand conversations. I took a few classes at the community college before having kids- but don’t practice much now and have forgotten a lot! With that being said I can manage in Italy- just with many mistakes!! Keep up the good work!!

    1. Hello Tieshka 🙂 That is great! Thank you very much for sharing your story. Where in Italy do you live now, if I may ask? Don’t be afraid of making mistakes because that’s part of the process when learning a language! And as they say: you learn from your mistakes.. in this particular case, language mistakes! If you have any question, just send me an email and I’ll be happy to help you out. Best, Lucrezia

      1. Ciao Lucrezia. We actually live in Los Angeles. My husband has many Italian friends here so in our early days of dating it was somewhat challenging to go out with a group of Italians and be the only American! We try to visit Italy every 3 years or so and I practice most of my Italian then – I am super lucky though because almost everyone in his family speaks great English. For now I try to teach the kids some Italian and challenge myself not to forget everything I once learned. Thanks to offer to help me out and have a great week!

  3. Ciao! Here are my reasons for learning Italian: 1. I live in a city with a lot of Italian people, I often hear it when I’m out and about 😀 2. I’m obsessed with languages, I know Na’vi but I thought it was time to learn a real/natural one 3. My boyfriend is Italian, hahaha. I suppose I could keep going with awesome reasons to learn Italian, but this comment’s already long :p

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