Semplici frasi in italiano

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Today I am going to teach you some easy sentences in Italian using the words that you have learned thanks to the “Parola del giorno” series.

Let’s get started!

1) Pioggia. Il meteo prevede pioggia per domani.

2) Parlare. Non si deve parlare con la bocca piena.

3) Mangiare. Fa bene mangiare frutta e verdura.

4) Esame. Tra una settimana ho un esame.

5) Colloquio. Il colloquio di lavoro รจ andato bene.

6) Pensiero. Non importa cosa regali a una persona, basta il pensiero.

And now I challenge you to translate these 6 sentences!

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4 thoughts on “Semplici frasi in italiano

  1. 1) Rain. According to weather forecast it will rain tomorrow.
    2) Talk. I don’t want to talk to…someone.
    3) Eat. I ate a lot of fruits and vegetables.
    4) Exam. I have an exam on the next week.
    5) Interview. Job interview was successful.
    6) Thought. I thought that you’ll bring some money but you have only these stupid gifts for me. Please go away. And never come back again.

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