easy reading in Italian + translation exercise for you!

Hello guys!

Today I want to write a post entirely in Italian and you have to tell me what I wrote! Do some kind of translation 🙂

Oggi è una bella giornata a Trieste perché c’è il sole è fa anche abbastanza caldo. Ora sono nella biblioteca dell’università perché mi serve internet per caricare un nuovo video su youtube. A casa ho solo una chiavetta usb per internet e posso solo navigare in rete. Verso le 17.20 andrò alla stazione centrale perché arriva il mio ragazzo a trovarmi e passeremo insieme il suo compleanno!

Now it’s your turn! What did I write? It’s not allowed to use google translate! I would notice anyway 😀

A presto e buon lavoro!


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3 thoughts on “easy reading in Italian + translation exercise for you!

  1. Ciao, Professoressa!

    Translation Exercise:

    Today is a beautiful day in Trieste because it is sunny and is pretty warm. Right now I am at the university library because I am using the internet to put a new video up on Youtube. At the house, I only have a USB key for internet and can only surf the internet “in network.” Around 5.20 I am going to the central train station because my boy is coming to find me and we are going to celebrate his birthday together!

    Buona settimana, Professoressa, e buon compleanno a il tuo ragazzo!

    1. Today is a beautiful day in Trieste because the sun is not too hot. Now I am in the library of the university because I need the internet
      to upload a new video on Youtube. In the home I have only a usb drive for the internet and I can only navigate the internet.
      (Credo vuoi dire non puó navigare internet con solo chiavetta usb)
      Near 17:20 I will go to the central station because my young man arrives and we will pass the time together for his birthday!

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