Improve your language skills (video)

I have a new video for you to see guys!

Have a wonderful weekend ♥


3 thoughts on “Improve your language skills (video)

  1. great ideas! Does it work for watching movies and reading in italian, even if you can’t understand much of what they’re saying or it doesn’t make sense? If we immerse ourselves to it, will it just all of a sudden make sense?

    1. Images help a lot in the learning process! So for the 50% you will understand what is going on from the images/footage. Maybe before starting watching a movie just read what the movie is about just to understand better the setting if the dialogues in the movie. Even if you don’t understand much, keep watching and listening! Your brain has to adapt to the new sounds of the language you are learning 😊

      1. awesome! I watched a bit of la tigre e la neve and wasn’t quite sure what was going on, then read the blurb in english and it did make it a lot easier for me to understand. I have a few italian films, and lots of dubbed over italian ones, so hopefully my brain will adapt soon! XD

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