Election days 24-25 February 2013

Hello guys 🙂

Today and tomorrow are the so-called election days here in Italy and I thought it would be a nice idea to teach you some vocabulary related to this topic!

As you can see, the Italian words are pretty similar to the English ones 🙂 so it won’t be that difficult to remember them 😉

ELEZIONI = elections

VOTARE = to vote

VOTO = vote

CANDIDARSI = to present oneself as a candidate

CANDIDATO = candidate

CANDIDARSI PER LA PRESIDENZA = to run for the presidency

DIRITTO DI VOTO = voting right

SENATO = senate

CAMERA DEI DEPUTATI = (lower house of Italian parliament) Chamber of Deputies

PARLAMENTO = parliament

SEGGIO ELETTORALE = (where one goes to vote) voting station, polling station/place


Thank you for stopping by!

A presto!


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