Example sentences with vocabulary we have studied together :)

Hello guys 🙂 Today’s post is about how to make sentences with recent vocabulary with have studied, namely the weather, the days of the week and the seasons.

Today is Monday = Oggi è lunedì

Tomorrow will be Tuesday = Domani sarà martedì

Yesterday was Sunday = Ieri era domenica

In two days it will be Wednesday = Tra due giorni sarà mercoledì

Two days ago it was Saturday = Due giorni fa era sabato

In three days it will be Thursday = Tra tre giorni sarà giovedì

Three days ago it was Friday = Tre giorni fa era venerdì

February has just started and we are going through the winter = Febbraio è appena iniziato e siamo in inverno / e stiamo attraversando l’inverno

During winter it is very cold and it usually snows = In inverno fa / è molto freddo e di solito nevica

Spring comes in March and it starts to get warmer = La primavera arriva a marzo e comincia a fare più caldo

After spring, summer comes = Dopo la primavera arriva l’estate

During summer it is very hot and it is always sunny = In estate fa / è molto caldo e c’è sempre il sole / è sempre soleggiato 

Then comes autumn and it becomes chilly = Poi arriva l’autunno e diventa fresco

Leaves fall from the trees = Le foglie cadono dagli alberi 

We prepare for the winter to come again = Noi ci prepariamo di nuovo all’arrivo dell’inverno


To listen to pronunciation for this sentences, check out the video I recorded which will be up on my channel this evening 🙂 I might post it here as well 🙂

I hope you like this kind of posts.

Thank you for stopping by 🙂



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