Lesson 19: “To Be” and “To Have” – Essere e Avere

Hello my lovely pupils πŸ˜€ How are you today?

Today’s lesson is going to be important since I’m talking about the most important verbs of all: ESSERE and AVERE, to be and to have. They are very useful and can be combined with other verbs. I’m only giving you present simple this time πŸ™‚

ESSERE – to be

Io sono – I am

Tu sei – You are

Egli/Ella Γ¨ Β – He/She is

Noi siamo – Β We are

Voi siete – Β You are

Essi sono – Β They are

AVERE – to have

Io ho – I have

Tu hai – You have

Egli/Ella ha – He/She has

Noi abbiamo – We have

Voi avete – You have

Essi/Esse hanno – They have

Do you remember that we use LEI/LUI and LORO instead of Egli/Ella and Essi/Esse? If not, check out Lesson 18!

If you want, you can try to write some sentences with these two verbs and write them in the comment section below =)

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